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"Healthcare Organizations and Communities Are Eagerly Seeking Solutions That Require the Insight, Experience and Skills of Physician Leaders and Strategic Thinkers"

Contact:  (206) 686-4205

"Do You Have Expertise that Can Help Them?"

"Introducing a Career Training and Certification Program for Physicians who want to build additional streams of income or start a new career as a healthcare consultant"

From: Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE 
Executive Director, The Physician Coaching Institute
Director, Healthcare Consulting Academy and the International Association of Physician Consultants and Speakers (IAPCS)

Dear Physician  Colleague,

Over ten years ago I started a career in leadership consulting, coaching and speaking, in response to one of the biggest innovations in healthcare at the time:  the Electronic Medical Record and the need for workflow redesign.  That was way back in 1999!

During that era we called our major change effort:  "clinical effectiveness."    Since then, change programs have gone through many iterations and taken on a number of names, including "cultural change," "patient safety," and "clinical transformation."

Whatever we have called "big change" is less important, however, than the fact that change is accelerating and physicians have been called to lead it, master it, adapt to it, and evolve in the middle of it.

It is my belief that in order for us to evolve as a medical profession, physicians must be at the forefront of all this change. 

Physicians must not only take positions of leadership, but must play key roles as consultants, educators, and spokespersons who can guide policy decisions, process redesign, and executive thinking in a direction that is always a win-win on behalf of sound clinical care.

Recognizing that many physician consultants and speakers are available to impact change, but not visible to the public that needs then, I developed The Healthcare Consulting Academy  training program to ensure that your expertise is put to good use!

Wanted: Highly Motivated Physicians Who Can Apply Their Leadership, Creativity and Communication Skills to Help Organizations Get "Unstuck"

What I love about my work is that my healthcare and physician clients have not only transformed their organizations, but they are making a "healthy" impact on their communities.

My consulting practice has been not only immensely gratifying for me as a physicians, but just as importantly, it has been highly rewarding for me as a solo entrepreneur.  The path to success as an independent consultant, however, has not always been rosy.

Over my many years first as a marketing executive, and then as a consultant/coach/speaker, I certainly had my share of awkward moments, clutzy phone calls, and less-than-smooth conversations with prospective clients. But I also learned and implemented many techniques and strategies for launching and managing a lucrative consulting business.  

For over 8 years I have been teaching these business strategies to my private clients---a motivated and ambitious group  who are consulting either internally in their organization or externally to their client organizations. 

At this point in my career, I am directing my  attention to developing  highly motivated physicians and professionals who want to take on the challenge, and also reap the rewards, of developing healthcare consulting, coaching and speaking services.  Eager and "ready for change" organizations, executives and communities are anxiously seeking third party expertise and your services can make a significant positive impact in where healthcare is going. 

Are you cut out to be a professional Healthcare Consultant or Speaker

Before you answer that, let me share with you what is happening in medicine today and why a growing crisis means an opportunity and need for specialized physician consultants and educators.

There is a Crucial Need for Physician Thought Leadership to Stimulate and Guide Healthcare Change

Healthcare organizations, medical groups, vendor partners and employer organizations are  trying to stay afloat and offer greater customer value in the middle of a healthcare system that is on the verge of breakdown

I don't have to tell you what is happening in healthcare.  But let's review just a few examples of situations that, while they scream "crisis," are also invitations for you to intervene as an external consultant and advisor. 


Why You are Needed:  

  • An aging population means physicians are spending more time with sicker patients, but reimbursements are actually declining.  Sophisticated and demanding baby boomers expect immediate access to specialists and treatments, but physicians question the need for costly and unnecessary care

    Consultants are needed to help organizations restructure reimbursement schedules, and speaker/educators are needed to develop seminars, workshops and educational materials for the families and consumers to direct them to most appropriate therapy and best decisions.

  • Clinicians are expected to meet new "productivity" targets, and they are wondering how they can work so fast and still be a "healer" for their patients and offer the time and attention required. 

Consultants are needed to help organizations look at alternative ways to structure visits, group visits; and to negotiate productivity targets that meet a more balanced set of outcomes than a financial bottom line.  Speaker/educators and coaches are needed to help clinicians learn how to expand their skills as  teachers so they can serve beyond the 1-1 patient encounter.

  • Health plans are introducing  quality  report cards and guidelines,  many physicians are not prepared to meet standards

    Consultants are needed to help health plans introduce report cards in a way that is win-win, and not punitive.  Consultants and coaches are needed to educate physicians about evidence-based or best practices care and implement guidelines without disruption to workshop and with egos intact.

  • The tech-savvy "millennium generation" are going to the Internet for  information on and medical groups are expected to be on par technologically, as well as be informed

    Consultants are needed to help groups and healthcare systems upgrade their technology strategy and incorporate the latest conveniences that consumers expect.  Consultants are also needed to help physician groups use technology to promote their practices and generate additional income.

  • Stratospheric rise in malpractice insurance and the ubiquitous medical-legal conflicts that exist in each state  is forcing many subspecialty physicians to leave the profession, others to close their practices to some patients.

    Consultants are needed to facilitate the conflicts and establish dialogue among competing interests.  Consultants are needed to train physicians and clinicians in self-empowerment and communication so they are represent themselves.

  • Hospitals and health plans increasingly requiring clinicians to use the full electronic medical record, and to  follow clinical protocols, but physicians are reluctant to change their workflow, adopt "cook book" medicine or embarrass themselves because they are tech-dunces.

    Consultants are needed to help organizations roll out complex technology systems, to ensure that guidelines are well-accepted.  Consultants and trainers are needed to help physicians acquire the skills and comfort with technology and new workflow.  Consultants are needed to help technology "champions" learn how to lead change.

These are just a handful of areas where physicians and healthcare leaders can step in as objective advisors and turn sour situations into opportunities for organizational growth and evolution. 

Leaders are also open to personal assistance and advice.  You have no doubt witnessed the often  hostile reactions to changes that compound the existing stress.  Physicians are lashing out at their clinical colleagues and staff.  And Clinical teams are at the breaking point.  Many leaders are at a loss about how to intervene and still remain "neutral" and welcome third-party advisor or facilitator who can help restore civility and collegiality.

Healthcare and clinicians are experiencing a breakdown in the system AND in their professional lives.  Ethical  boundaries are blurred and people are fearful about stepping up and speaking the truth. 

The good news? Healthcare is so ready for physician leadership at all levels:  inside the organization and outside from trusted consultants and advisors.

5 Reasons Why Physicians Make Outstanding Consultants:

Since launching my consulting coaching practice over eight  years ago I have worked with  well over 300 physicians: in one-on-settings, in group coaching, in workshops, seminars and through tutorials.  Before that I had the privilege to serve as an internal consultant for several years, interacting with chief medical officers, VP and directors throughout the country. 

My assessment is that physicians have the potential to be outstanding consultants and speakers, and here are 5 reasons why:  

  • Physicians as a group trust each other  as "like-minded" when it comes to the pressures of being clinicians, and the conflicts, fears and that go along with everyday decision-making.  Physicians can be respectful and  honest communicators; you have the ability to wade safely in waters that non-physicians would experience as hostile
  • Most physicians are natural "systems thinkers" and you have the capacity to objectively gather information, analyze it and distill it into concepts your clients can absorb. Strategic planning is natural skill set for a vast majority of you

  • The vast majority of docs were "called" to medicine as healers and have an honest desire to improve the condition of their client organization; your sincerity and passion is an asset that facilitates change

  • Physicians are extremely disciplined and once you have a comprehensive business structure for your consulting practice, you will implement it, and easily acquire new skills as long as the training is well laid-out

  • Your experience as a patient educator lends itself well to consulting and speaking program development, and just as importantly, to education-based marketing which is the most effective way to get clients

Examples of Consulting and Advisory Programs My Physician Clients and Associates Are Delivering 

Since launching my own consulting, coaching and speaking business over eight years ago, I have taught and coached not only my own physician clients how to develop their expertise and thought leadership, but also non-physicians from areas as diverse as Information Technology, Public Relations, Bioscience, and Biotechnology.   I have witnessed diverse consulting situations that healthcare solo-entrepreneurs have found themselves in.

In addition, I have created consulting program templates and business toolkits that have helped my clients be more efficient and professional in how they deliver their services.  Furthermore, I've helped  consultants and coaches deliver their expertise in several diverse settings, which not only expands their reach, but also creates a more flexible lifestyle.

The truly exciting news in is that as professional consultants, physicians have a genuine opportunity to feed their intellectual soul, not just their bank account.  

Here is a just small sample of projects my personal clients and consulting associates have undertaken as paid consultants and educators:


A Small Sample of Consulting Projects:

  • Improving communication and morale in a physician group practice
  • Helping a health plan roll out physician-developed "report cards"
  • Creating a new curriculum for a medical school
  • Advising a healthcare IT start up on product direction
  • Developing an operations-improvement plan for a clinic
  • Developing a wellness program for corporate employees 
  • Serving as advisor and medical liaison to a decision support company
  • Developing and delivering a one-day living healthy wellness seminar
  • Assessing an organization's readiness and to develop a hospitalist program


For some of these doctors, becoming a healthcare consultant was a serendipitous career move.  In their role as clinician or leader, they had achieved significant results, or launched initiatives, or made improvements, or found they had a special way of communication, and then over time they found themselves being asked to help other organizations, nationwide. And of course, creating a new stream of income came along with that. 

If situation sounds familiar to you---you have expertise now and a desire to be of service to other organizations---there is a smoother, faster pathway to building a consulting practice, and doing it "right" the first time.  That's what the Academy program is all about.

Before we go into the specifics, I want to share with you my personal bias as to why physicians make outstanding outside consultants. 


Organizations Need a Consulting Professional, Not Just a Physician Calling Himself a Consultant

While many physicians have a notion that consulting, training, facilitation, or speaking could be an alternative career path, unfortunately many of you will stumble when it comes to actually building a business that provides the income you know is possible.

A first challenge among many new physician consultants, educators and speakers, is finding the time to learn HOW to take your expertise and package it, build your business, and market yourself.  Many of you are still in overwhelm mode when it comes to developing and running your consulting business.

Not only is this is an unfortunate situation for you, it is NOT in your client's best interest for you to be on soft footing when it comes to your business infrastructure.

Clients want to work with firms that are stable and doing well. It behooves you to implement Business Systems (beyond drafting a business plan) that will serve you well and enable you to build a financially viable firm.

The need for physician expertise coupled with the reality that most physicians are novice business-builders was my key driver for the creation of this specialized business training and certification program, The Healthcare Consulting Academy.

Does this mean that if you don't complete the Healthcare Consulting Academy advanced training program that you can't do a good job as a consultant  or find a your own clients here and there, now and again? 

No, not at all. However you''ll probably be missing an opportunity to consult on additional matters that are important to your healthcare client, that would have even more dramatic impact on their organization and community, and that would in turn deepen your expertise and add additional consulting revenue.

My goal in establishing the Healthcare Consulting Academy is to  take you from your current basic expertise (whether as a leader, change management expert, speaker, communicator,  facilitator) to the point where you are a professional  Consultant enjoying a thriving practice that will sustain you for the long haul of being in business.

Before we delve into the Academy Program description, let's discuss five common  obstacles that many new consultants face.


The Common Obstacles Physicians Face In Developing a Consulting or Speaking Career 

Assuming you have expertise and an impressive skill set, plus experience in your current organization, your success will  hinge on whether you can build and attend to  a Consulting Business Infrastructure.   This is not merely a written business plan.

As someone who has reviewed and critiqued dozens of business plans for healthcare start-up companies, I am constantly reminded how important it is to  distinguish between YOU The Expert VS.  YOU  the Business Owner.  

The sad news is that many consultants  fail, NOT because the consultant was not an expert, but because the consultant couldn't figure out how to get business.  

In my experience, there are at least FIVE Common obstacles that predictably cause physicians to stall when it comes to turning your expertise and knowledge into a consulting, speaking or advisory business that brings additional revenue AND professional satisfaction.  Here they are those obstacles:

Obstacle #1

Most physicians, even the creative ones, are completely stumped or amateurish when it comes to marketing themselves.  If they get themselves out at all, they are ineffectual or tongue-tied.  Their brochure is dull and their website is a yawn. Or worse, they create promotional materials that are downright embarrassing because they are so cheesy.   


Obstacle #2

Physicians who are truly gifted as leaders and change agents and want to help other organizations as a consultant unfortunately act like a "deer caught in the headlights" when it comes to offering a client an actual service.  What these new consultants haven't learned is to develop and present a well-thought out Signature Program so their client can say "Yes, we'll do that one."  This is NOT about proposal writing (in fact, the top consultants never have to write a proposal to get the business). It's about synthesizing your knowledge and expertise into programs.


Obstacle #3

Just about every aspiring consultant  fears technology and thus misses out many leverage opportunities.  Sadly, too many are not even showcasing their expertise on a well-constructed website.  Furthermore, the vast majority are missing the opportunity to expand their consulting programs using Internet and audio and therefore also missing out on generating significant leveraged revenue while sitting in their home office!


Obstacle #4

Physician consultants frequently have only a Me-and-my-expertise-Centric point of view when it comes to their consulting business and gloss over what REALLY keeps their  client up at night.  If you don't know what your client is actually challenged with you will miss the mark with both your programs and your marketing. 


Obstacle #5

And here is the biggest obstacle of all:  Not Protecting Your Time.  New consultants and speakers repeatedly ram up against this obstacle in two ways.  First they are giving away  too much for free or fees that are too low.  Second, they fail to create Business Systems that will automate, streamline and enable them to  offload much of  their Marketing, Sales, and Operations  work.  Your time is your most precious asset and you must use it wisely!


These are all common obstacles that new consultants face at one time or another, and the reality is YOU will face them too unless you learn to build a Consulting Business Infrastructure and learn Consulting Business Proficiencies.

And that is exactly what you will learn in the Healthcare Consulting Academy advanced training program: strategies that you can implement after the very first learning Module, plus the full Consulting Business Infrastructure Plan that you will build in a matter of a few weeks or months. 


You will Avoid the Obstacles and Accelerate Your Progress by acquiring four essential Healthcare Consulting Career Proficiencies which you will learn in The Healthcare Consulting Academy:

Proficiency #1: Advanced Healthcare Consulting Concepts and Consulting Programs 

The concepts and methods that will enable you to competently and confidently assess an organization's multidimensional needs, goals, obstacles and strategies and guide them to the outcomes they envisioned. 

You will learn what your target market is most challenged with and respond with a comprehensive program that is unique to your company, and that brings solutions and a path for learning and transformation. Learn the Consulting  Program approach that not only guarantees a longer, more lucrative contract for you, but is also the preferred approach by your organizational clients!


Proficiency #2: Practice Building Strategies and Marketing Techniques Unique to Physician Consultants

Fully developed Consulting, Training and Speaking Programs make it easy for helathcare clients to say "We NEED this!." 

Next are the marketing strategies that educate the healthcare community, and move your prospective clients from "I'm intrigued" to "Let's get started." Optional ongoing business development roundtable sessions keep your strategies  fresh and your passion stoked.  As a physician consulting, you won't come off well using sleezy approaches and you will have no use for cheap selling techniques either. Learn how to create awareness in the market  with integrity and professionalism.


Proficiency #3: Staying Power Credibility Development

Differentiating yourself from the crowd of consultants starts with Advanced Concepts and specific Healthcare Consulting Programs. Your credibility is further solidified through recognition of your unique philosophy + the Healthcare Consulting Academy stamp of Professionalism.  

Bottom line: Healthcare organizations  RESPECT credentials and rock solid Professionalism.  You will learn to present yourself with the demeanor and polish of someone who can be trusted with the organization's resources, projects and money.   From the business forms you use to create proposals, to the reports you write, to the invoices you submit, your brand is polished.  You comfort and polish with interviewing executives, debriefing the board, and presenting a persuasive argument for change further demonstrates your business communication is on par with the CEO.  Furthermore, your credential as a Certified Healthcare Consulting Professional attests to your commitment to your own business strategic planning and you willingness to attain the next level of education.   



Proficiency #4: Leveraged Technology and Business Systems for Business Growth 

Establishing your consulting practice should not only bring you revenue but it should also  provide you with a comfortable and flexible lifestyle.  If you enjoy flying around the country for your clients, that's great.  But you can also add value from your home office. 

Your clients want your expertise, but that doesn't mean they need you in person every time (in fact most would prefer to work remotely with self-study products).  As a professional consultant, you will learn how to leverage technology in three ways:  First, to create awareness of you and your expertise via website, blog, articles.  Second, as a means to deliver your teaching and expertise to more clients at one time, and Third, as a means of creating information products for passive income.  This introduction to technology is NOT going to overwhelm you.  You'll be given the "nitty gritty" for strategies to implement immediately and resources for where to go next when you're ready.



What are some of the Benefits of becoming a Certified Healthcare Consulting Professional™?

  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel if you've thinking about developing a consulting, training or speaking business part time or as a full time career --  the business planning, materials, structure has been done, delivered, and refined dozens of times 

  • You will learn about the healthcare consulting  market from a physician who is not only a consultant and trainer but also a former healthcare marketing executive - a rare breed 

  • Even if you have a special expertise, there's no getting around the fact you won't be truly successful unless you thoroughly understand how to build your business infrastructure as a consulting professional 

  • Consulting or speaking under your own firm  is immensely gratifying, and because not every physician is cut out for it, you'll be among the rare few who have an opportunity to become a national thought leader in your own right, not representing someone else's method

  • Even if you are consultant in practice now, you can unlock new opportunities to grow your business and add programs that leverage your expertise both with your current client base and potential new clients
  • Non-stop business development resources are available throughout your training and then beyond if you elect to become an "Academy Level" Business Excellence Mastermind member 

  • You will have an opportunity to collaborate with fellow Physician Consultants, speakers and experts with diverse and intriguing backgrounds who can challenge and support you 

  • As you go through the training, not only will you learn to consult within healthcare, you will be introduced to strategies where you can leverage your expertise even further with a broader set of programs -- a must if you want to be truly successful 

  • Earning the optional Certified Healthcare Consulting Professional™ credential you will be able to differentiate your business from the thousands of consultants and speakers out there and it's a good bet you'll be one of the few  Certified Healthcare consultants  in your geographic region 

  • Because consulting, training and even speaking is becoming more and more diversified in how it is delivered, there is potentially  no geographical limit to where your clients can come from once you learn how to turn your learning programs into Training CDs, Products, and Internet Tools

  • Having a consulting business is a smart way to add revenue if your main source of income is limited by the number of patients you can see. If you aspire to create significantly greater income, or to create passive revenue, developing your "expert niche" can help you achieve that goal 

  • As a self-directed professional development your training is eligible for Category II Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit; you will want to check your society and state to verify.


What is Included in the The Healthcare Consulting Academy Training Program?


1. Live Training and Skills Development


Business Infrastructure Development:  Eight  Live  Training  TeleSeminars over 4 months (75-minutes each):

  • 1 Module on Consulting Business and Revenue Models;  Expertise Categories

  • 2 Modules on Healthcare Consulting Program Development, Fee and Client Management

  • 2 Modules on Marketing Strategy and  Client Enrollment

  • 2 Modules on Technology Strategies for Business Development, Marketing,  and Leveraged Income

  • 1 Module on Strategic Alliances for Optimal Business Growth

 A Two - day Workshop "Speaking in Business and Leadership" to develop your key message and polish your strategic leadership communication skills for 4 critical business situations you will encounter as a professional consultant, advisor, internal consultant or leader (Note:  This Workshop will be offered to any interested physicians as a "stand alone" training option

Business Acceleration Mastermind:  Post-workshop  Teleconferences to accelerate your business plan implementation and help you get clients; scheduled monthly for two months

2. Business Development Mentoring


  • 3 Business Strategy Implementation Group Sessions with Dr. Francine Gaillour as your coach  to assist with your action plans for each Module  (60 minute conferences are held on the last Friday morning of each month for the 4 months of Business Infrastructure Development)

  • 2 Business Strategy Private Coaching Sessions with Dr. Francine Gaillour, Executive Director, the first one focused on your Consulting Program Development and second on your Client Marketing Strategy (These are private, scheduled 30-minute Coaching sessions)

3. Online and Audio Resources


  • Audio recording mp3 of every training Teleseminar for playback within 24 hours, transcripts created for reference

  • CD's of every training Teleseminar mailed to you 

  • Online Group Journal for discussion and sharing ideas in between the teleseminar sessions

  •  Business Templates for program development, client enrollment, business operations, web site structure 

Enrollment Bonuses
  •  BONUS #1: Audio and Video Tutorials of Essential Technology Skills and Knowledge that is referenced in the Training Modules for participants in the Business Infrastructure Development or full Academy Program

  •  BONUS #2: Healthcare Consultant's 6-Figure Rolodex - References and Resources to assist you in developing your business infrastructure

  •  BONUS #3: One year Premier Membership in IAPCS - Listing of your Profile on the International Association of Physician Consultants and Speakers website  - for participants in the full Academy program only

  •  Early Bird BONUS #1: How to Write a Compelling Bio - Audio tutorial and template for creating an essential component of your print or online marketing materials

  •  Early Bird BONUS #2: Website Makeover critique - Highlight of your web strategy during one of the Strategy Implementation Group Mentoring Sessions


Once you complete the Advanced Training you will earn:
  •  A Certificate of Achievement is granted at the completion of the three training components and you will be eligible  to earn the Certified Healthcare Consulting Professional™ once you receive evaluations of business excellence from two consulting clients*

  • Eligibility to upgrade your Membership in the International Association of Physician Consultants and Speakers from Premier to Academy Member and enjoy the benefits of ongoing brand development

  • Eligibility to have your web page Member Profile highlighted prominently as a Certified Healthcare Consulting Professional* on the IAPCS site 

  • Eligibility to promote your articles and programs through the Journal of Healthcare Innovation as an IAPCS member

  • Eligibility to expand your learning from consulting best practices with a cohort of peers in the Academy Mastermind Teleconferences personally facilitated by Francine Gaillour, MD

What are the Requirements for Enrolling in the Healthcare Consulting Academy Training Program?

Not all physicians who are interested in professional consulting or speaking will qualify to participate in the The Healthcare Consulting Academy  Program.  Please go through this quick check list and make sure you can answer "yes" to every item:

  • ___ I have specific experience, skills or expertise in leadership, communication, education, teaching, training, facilitation, consulting, advisory, speaking, change management or organizational development 

  • ___ I am committed to the time, energy and financial investment necessary to build my business

  • ___ I have an affinity for cultural change, excellence, and customer satisfaction

  • ___ I can commit to an intense 4-6 month training program

  • ___ I value integrity, honesty, leadership and collegiality 


The The Healthcare Consulting Academy  Advanced Training Program leading to the  Certified Healthcare Consulting Professional™ recognition accepts a limited number of eligible physicians for each cohort group.  Training programs are conducted twice a year a year, with the next group starting in February, 2008.


Schedule, Tuition and Application Process

Next Training Schedule:
  • The Schedule for the next Program Training dates are 8 Tuesdays evenings (8:00 PM ET): February 5, 1 9; march 4, 18; April 1, 15, 29, May 13.  The 2-day on-site Capstone Workshop is May 18-19, 2008; Business Acceleration Masterminds are TBD in June and July
Tuition for the full Healthcare Consulting Academy integrated 6-month program:
  • Tuition for the Healthcare Consulting Academy Integrated Program (Teleseminars + Onsite Workshop  "Speaking in Business and Leadership" + Business Acceleration Mastermind) is $3400.    Register and pay full tuition before January 21 and receive a $300 discount.  Otherwise a payment plan is available.

 Enrollment and Tuition for separate Programs:

  • Any interested Physician can enroll in the Onsite Workshop "Speaking in Business and Leadership" separate from the full Academy program.  The Workshop-only tuition is $1995 and a $100 discount is available for full payment in advance. More
  • Qualified and interested Physicians can enroll in the Business Infrastructure Development 4-month Teleseminars, separate from the full Academy program.  The Business Infrastructure Development Teleseminars-only Tuition is $1995 and $100 discount is available for full payment in advance
Application and Enrollment:

Attendance at an Orientation teleconference is highly recommended before enrolling. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a place in the February training cohort.  Full payment or arrangement for payment plan is required one week prior to program commencement. Please contact Kelly Johnson for instructions at (206) 686-4205 or  Note:  you must meet the requirements outlined above. 

>>Pay Tuition Deposit Online ($500)

 (Secure credit card Merchant Processing service) 


Attend a FREE Teleconference Orientation to Learn More 

The Healthcare Consulting Academy is hosting a FREE  Teleconference Orientation and PREVIEW Call in December and January, 2007.  This is your opportunity to learn more about professional consulting and what you need to be successful.  It also an way for you to explore whether becoming a  Healthcare Consultant, Trainer or Speaker is a good fit with your income goals and career aspirations:

"Leverage Your Expertise With Healthcare Consulting: Secrets to Building a Successful Business that Delivers Great Value to Your Clients, and Offers You a New Career Path With Additional Income and a Flexible Lifestyle"

The FREE teleconferences are concluded but you can listen to the audio replay by completing the short inquiry form below:

To learn more about the Healthcare Consulting Academy Training Program,  and  to reserve your space in the one of the Orientation and Preview Teleconference, please complete the short inquiry below.  

Healthcare Consulting Academy Inquiry and Teleconference Orientation Registration:
First and Last Name:  
Please share a little bit about yourself, your current expertise and where you want to take your consulting or speaking  business:



I have designed The Healthcare Consulting Academy for your success, and have included in the program many resources, templates and tutorials to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Read a few testimonials below from physicians who have learned the Academy Proficiencies.

Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Founder and Executive Director 


P.S. Early registration in the Academy is encouraged, and Bonuses are available for those who register before January 21.  Be sure to listen in during the Orientation teleconference for details.

P.S. Can't make it to one of our Teleconference Orientation Preview Calls?  Please contact my office and we will arrange for a private orientation and interview:  (206) 686-4205

I was introduced to [Dr. Francine Gaillour] by a non health professional coach. Initially I was uncertain as to the value of committing to a [training] group session on Health Care Consulting as I was performing that as part of my practice. I was totally surprised at the quality and value of the program. It helped to ground me in the several business aspects of the consulting practice, it gave me great resources and I believe 'value added' interactions with colleagues. I was in the midst of a fairly large contract negotiation and at times was a bit anxious.

Dr. Gaillour's direction, online tools, and guidance enhance my confidence and skills to secure the contract . Dealing with the intricacies of navigating alliance building relationships with non health professional vendors, setting limits, having model language to keep the buyer interested, marketing, branding, how to work with proposals and outcomes were on some of the topics I found of specific interest to my needs.

The best testimonial is my commitment to continue in some fashion with Dr. Gaillour 's support program as my own consulting practice continues to grow. I still enjoy my clinical practice ( yet the new found excitement of a Consulting practice renews my spirit and quest for learning. New web site under development (

--Kenneth Miller, MD



I knew the answer to the question, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" for years before I met Dr. Gaillour.  What I did not know was how to believe it and achieve it.  Within a few short months of beginning a coaching relationship with Dr. Gaillour, I was making major progress on my passion for speaking, writing, and teaching people how to enjoy outrageous health.  You can make progress on your own, but you can make massive progress with Dr. Gaillour as your coach!"

Douglas A. Fullington, MD
"Master Motivator of Total Health"


"A few years ago I started a consulting business. Problems I have been struggling with for years have been resolved within weeks of working with Dr. Gaillour.  I recently signed on a multi-billion dollar healthcare corporation for a significant consulting engagement, the process made much easier with her expert assistance. Francine is a natural coach. Her excellent listening skills combined with her vast experience in the medical business world have helped me achieve “a hah!” moments."

Frederic Tobis, MD
 Principal, Tobis Healthcare Solutions, LLC


I had been thinking about part time health care consulting for for the past five years. The various components of an actual business were just pieces floating in my mind until I came across the "Be A Health Care Consultant" course by Francine Gaillour. She helped me connect the dots!

With her practical, organized and step wise advice I was able to prioritize and "activate" my plan into an efficient and focused effort to make my dream of a profitable, nonclinical, health care consulting career a reality.

Goehlert & Associates

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.



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