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 Training and Special Events

The Physician Coaching Institute is a training organization, and serves the needs of physicians, healthcare teams, and the coaching community. 

On-site Seminars and Workshops for Physicians

"Speaking in Business and Leadership"  May 18-20, 2008, Seattle, WA 

The Physician Coaching Institute is excited to launch this special 2.5-day Skills Training for Physicians  in leadership or business.  Learn communication mastery in 5 critical situations that count the most in your ability to effectively lead and manage.  


Coach Training
  • Advanced Certification Program for Experienced Coaches

The Physician Coaching Institute offers a 6-month Advanced Certification Training for experienced coaches or those who have at least a fundamental level of classroom coach training; this training leads to the "Certified Physician Development Coach" credential.   

To learn more about the Advanced Certification Program and attend an Orientation Preview teleclass,  click here  

  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Coaching

We are proud to introduce a new program in the Fall of 2008, "Fundamentals of Healthcare Coaching" in partnership with the Academy for Coach Training and the Coaches Training Institute.  This 6-week training is geared for:

  • Clinicians who want to explore healthcare coaching as a new career path, for 
  • Healthcare leaders who want to add coaching skills to their leadership repertoire, and to 
  • Experienced non-healthcare coaches who want to learn more about healthcare as a potential niche

To learn more about the training and attend an Orientation Preview teleclass, please contact Kelly Johnson kelly@physicianleadership.com so we can add you to our mailing list.


Product Development Business Training for Clinicians, Healthcare Coaches, Speakers and Consultants

"Leverage Your Healthcare Knowledge with Information Products" is an 8-week Tele-workshop for clinicians, coaches and professionals who want to take their intellectual property and reach a wider audience through e-books, podcasts, audio CDs and other products that can be easily created and downloaded.

To learn more about the tele-workshop and attend an Orientation Preview teleclass, click here


Contact Kellly Johnson, Institute program coordinator

kelly@physiciancoachinginstitute.com or (206) 686-4205



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