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Healthcare is in great need of transformation and creative solutions... 

...What role will you play?


Are you a doctor or healthcare team member interested in:

  • Becoming a more effective and influential leader

  • Developing your career potential or making a change in your professional life 

  • Acting on your entrepreneurial idea or creating additional streams of income   

  • Finding the joy and fulfillment in medicine you once had 

           Accelerate your learning and growth, become more effective in business and life with the help of a Certified Coach specialty trained to work with doctors and healthcare teams:  Find a Coach



Are you a coach or consultant who wants to:

  • Help doctors and healthcare executives blaze new trails as leaders

  • Inject new thinking about emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry into healthcare teams and processes

  • Assist physicians to move past burnout and create work-life balance and career fulfillment

  • Develop your business to effectively serve the healthcare audience              

          Expand your coaching skills and grow your business by becoming an expert coach for doctors: Join the Institute 

Are you thinking about becoming a healthcare coach?  Join our upcoming "Fundamentals of Healthcare Coaching" to explore if this is a career path for you.


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