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Coaching, Training and Special Events

Physician Coaching Institute is a training organization, and serves the needs of physicians, healthcare teams, and the coaching community. 

On-site Seminars and Workshops

"Speaking in Business and Leadership"  May 18-20, 2008, Seattle, WA 

This is an exciting 2.5-day Skills Training for Physicians  in leadership or business.  Learn communication mastery in 5 critical situations that count the most in your ability to effectively lead and manage.  


Our members can offer additional Specialized Workshops on the following topics:  Physician Burnout, Dealing With Difficult or Disruptive Physicians, Physician Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Planning, and Creativity.

Executive Coaching 

Executive coaching is a one-on-one professional development program geared to help the individual achieve specific career, leadership or entrepreneurial goals.  Executive Coaching programs typically require a commitment of 4 to 6 months, with an initial client strategy meeting kicking off the program and then strategy implementation coaching to meet certain milestones.   Select a coach from our directory, or contact us to help you identify a coach.  

Leadership Development Training

Leadership training is generally offered either  on-site at the client organization facility, or via a series of 4-8 live audio conference.  Topics include managerial effectiveness, time-management, emotional intelligence, the art of influence, and crucial conversations.


Do you need speaker for your next event?  Consider inviting one of our Institute members to shed light on how physicians can lift themselves from the doldrums and start feeling emotionally engaged and optimistic. 


Several of our Institute members are trained facilitators and have been called on to lead board retreats, to intervene as a neutral party in a negotiation, and to catalyze breakthroughs and creative thinking.


Consulting projects that our members have tackled include establishing an Intensivist program, developing leadership succession strategy, creating a merger or alliance, and introducing physician report cards and quality programs.

Would you like assistance in finding one of our expert members who is a good match for your doctors, healthcare team, organization or event?     
Contact us:

kelly@physiciancoachinginstitute.com or (206) 686-4205



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